How does Z-PRO work to relieve my pain?

Z-PRO helps to enhance musculoskeletal health and functionality plus boosts circulation. By strengthening stabilization muscles, helping to manage inflammation, and giving your body the therapy it needs to help maintain healthy tissue, pain can be managed successfully. Always remember we have a 90 day refund guarantee if you do not think our product is beneficial for you. 

Who should not use Z-PRO?

If you have any of these conditions, then Z-PRO should not be used on these areas accordingly: 

  • If you have an implantable device like a defibrillator, blood pressure monitor, neurostimulator, etc… then TENS therapy could cause these device to not work properly due to the low electrical impulses. 
  • If you are pregnant, then we advise to not use Z-PRO on your abdomen, low back, pelvis, or acupoints on the hands, knees and ankles.
  • If you have known cancer of possible cancer in your body, then do not apply the electrode pads to this area. We also recommend not to use TENS therapy if you have had cancer within the last 5 years.
  • If you are epileptic, then do not place the electrode pads on your neck, head, or shoulders as the electrical impulses could induce a seizure. 
  • If you have deep vein thrombosis then we recommend you do not use TENS therapy since it increases blood circulation. In turn, this could increase the risk of a blood clot being dislodged. 
  • Since TENS therapy increases blood flow, those with a bleeding/hemorrhagic disorder should avoid the risk of using Z-PRO
  • If you have heart disease then do not apply Z-PRO to your chest area. 

TENS should also not be used on the following:

  • Wounds or tissues that are infected. TENS could makes the infection spread
  • Any areas on your skin or tissue that have recently been treated with radiation.
  • Skin that has been severely damaged. 
  • Front and sides of the neck, anywhere on the head, eyes, and  mouth
  • Genitalia or reproductive organs
  • Places on your body where there has been nerve damage and reduced sensation.
  • People with mental challenges that cannot give appropriate feedback while using TENS therapy. 

Make sure to always check with your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Zense Products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on this website does not constitute advice from a medical professional and you should always talk with your doctor before trying new treatments.

Zense Products are not a substitute for medication or other treatment prescribed by a physician or health care provider. Users should consult a doctor before starting any TENS/EMS treatments.

How many times can I use the pads?

Z-PRO pads are made out of hydrogel that sticks to your body. Our pads have a longer than usual usage life- approximately 20-30+ applications. However, if you want to maximize the life of your electrode pads, we recommend that you always clean your skin before placing them on your skin. This will ensure that any creams or lotions you have used are not transferred onto the pad itself. We also recommend that you clean the hydrogel area of the pads with a wet towel and let it air dry to help restore adhesiveness and maximize usage life. Other things that can affect pad life expectancy are your skin type, body oils, and pH levels. When the time comes we have very affordable extra pads that you can purchase from us at any time! 

Always replace the pads on the plastic sheet to protect the hydrogel after use

How can I use the TENS device to maximize its efficiency?

Our Zense TENS/EMS products may be used safely on most areas of the body, except on your front and side neck, head, or chest area. 

Please view our acupuncture chart for optimal pad placements here.

In order to obtain the best degree of pain relief with Zense Tens/EMS, we recommend the following pad placement guidelines:

  1. Locate the area of your pain. 
  2. Place the pad vertically, horizontally or on an angle
  3. Do not to place the pad directly over a joint or it will not work efficiently
  4. Adjust to an intensity that can be tolerated without pain. After you get used to the stimulation, you can gradually increase the intensity for best results. 

Please Note: Every person is different- Intensity level tolerance varies from person to person. Plus it varies with each body part. We recommend following our guidelines and do what feels best for you.


Battery life varies depending on the programs used and the intensities selected. In most cases they are good up to 2 hours. Your device’s button will turn red when it needs to be charged.


Our electrode placement guide/acupuncture chart can be viewed here.


How does it work?

TENS units work by delivering small electrical impulses through hydrogel electrodes that have adhesive pads to attach them to any where on the body.. These electrical impulses boost circulation, boost muscle contractions plus reduce your nervous system’s ability to transmit pain signals to the spinal cord and brain.


How do I integrate the App for Z-PRO?

Simply download the Zensezone app(  Search for Zense Zone in your APP store) for either IOS or Android for free! Open the APP and Agree to the terms of use , make sure your bluetooth is activated on your phone. Turn on the bluetooth device by pressing the middle “Z” button on the main bluetooth unit.  Then you will be asked to pair the device with your bluetooth.

Once you have the APP Open, push the desired mode, push the play button and then adjust intensity by clicking  - or +

NOTE: Adjust the time on the time circle. Secondly, if you change modes of action you will have to adjust the intensity again to your desired limit.


Where do I place the Pads?

Each Z-PRO box comes with an acupuncture/pad-placement chart that can help you choose the best area to apply the pads for your pain. You can also locate the pain yourself and put the pads over that area. 


How do I charge the Battery?

Each Z-PRO box comes with a USB charging cable that connects to the main bluetooth device. Simply plug it in until the light changes from red to blue. 


What is the Warranty?

Zensezone provides a one year unconditional warranty for all of our TENS/EMS devices.


What is TENS?

TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It uses lower strength electrical currents to help fight pain. The electrical current pulse around the nerves to block pain signals sent to the brain. 



What is EMS?

EMS is short for Electric Muscle Stimulation. EMS sends electric pulses to your nerves that in turn makes your brain create a muscle contraction at the area being targeted. Basically flexing your muscles without needing to think about it.


How long should I use TENS/EMS therapy for?

We recommend stimulating areas for 30 minutes at a time with at least a 20 minute break in between.


Can I use TENS/EMS therapy while sleeping?

You should not use a TENS/EMS device while sleeping and should also not use with an ice pack or heating pad on top of the electrode pads. 


Can using TENS/EMS reduce belly fat?

Actually yes! A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning proved that Electric Muscle Stimulation can decrease waist circumference, abdominal obesity, and body fat percentage when used on the belly area. 


Can TENS/EMS cause nerve damage?

Short term TENS/EMS stimulation is not damaging to the nerves, but long-term high frequency use can be damaging to nerves. If you ever feel too uncomfortable or experience any pain while using TENS/EMS therapy then stop immediately.


Can TENS/EMS therapy help repair nerve damage?

A study showed that TENS/EMS therapy can help with diabetic nerve damage in reducing pain. Three or more other studies show it can also help relieve spinal cord injury pain which has to do with the nerves surrounding your spine. 


Does TENS/EMS therapy help with inflammation?

Most definitely! Many studies have proven that the effects of TENS/EMS therapy helps reduce inflammation in the body in many ways.  


Can TENS/EMS therapy help build muscle?

TENS/EMS does not cause a full contraction in your muscles, therefore it cannot be used on its own to build muscle. However, when used while weightlifting on appropriate areas can enhance muscle growth. It is also very beneficial for your warmup and recovery after a workout. 


What comes in the  Z-PRO box?

          What's included:

  • 1 Z-PRO main device bluetooth unit
  • 2 regular Z-PRO pads
  • 1 large Z-PRO pad
  • 1 USB charger cable and adapter
  • 1 hard cover travel case
  • 1 product and safer information manual
  • 1 chart for acupuncture areas

What are the main benefits of using TENS/EMS therapy?

  • Increases circulation
  • Blocks pain signals sent to the brain
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Releases endorphins
  • Improves mobility/flexibility
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improves sleep, and more!

Does TENS/EMS therapy loosen tight muscles?

Yes, the stimulating contractions that TENS/EMS provides helps increase blood circulation to the muscles and decrease pain signals. This in turn helps the muscles relax. 

Have more Questions?

We can answer all of your questions! Just email support@zensezone.com