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  • Quickly penetrates skin for immediate results
  • 3,000 Mg's of Pure Curcumin Per Roller
  • 100% Natural Ingredients and NO Preservatives
  • ​Proprietary Nutrient Extraction and Delivery
  • ​Easy Topical Application
  • ​Made on Demand in Atlanta, GA.
  • Ingredient Freshness Guaranteed
  • ​​100% American Made

300MG of 95%
Potency Curumin

Trusted by

100% Natural

Made in America

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Why It Works

An All-Natural Soothing Formula For Managing Pain

Strong and Rapid A strong rapid-acting formula with natural ingredients that quickly penetrates the skin to help relieve tight, aching, and sore muscles and joints.

Natural anti-inflammatory​​Curcumin 95% is an active compound from turmeric  known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity that can promote health

Easy to useEasy roll on application that creates zero mess, does not need water, and can be applied anywhere on your body except face, eyes, ears and genital areas.

95% purity curcuminLike ginger, studies have found that turmeric may have pain-reducing power equal in some cases to that of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

9% CamphorHelps manage muscle aches and pains and stimulates circulation by interacting with receptors on the sensory nerves. Camphor may also help fight chronic joint pain over a longer duration.

5% Peppermint oil **Peppermint acts like a muscle relaxant to support pain relief. The menthol that is present in peppermint oil increases blood flow and provides a cooling sensation that helps ease pain.

5% EucalyptusEucalyptus oil works by helping to bring a cold sensation to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints that helps you to manage  pain and inflammation.

Beeswax *1

Beeswax is a humectant, meaning it’s very good at holding in moisture. The compounds that are in beeswax have also been shown to help alleviate symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. It also has anti-inflammatory effects.


3,000 Mgs

Curcumin Imported Directly from India- then processed
using ethyl extraction for maximum bioavailability and absorption.
Benefits are better circulation, fighting inflamation and boosting your immune system.

Camphor oil


Camphor is the SECOND carrier oil in our blend. It is known as a great way to deliver active compounds into the skin. It has also been studied for its ability to soothe inflammation, so it is agreat compliment to Curcumin.


Citrus fruit peels

D-limonene is derived from the peels of citrus fruits. It shows anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects in laboratory studies. Plus because it is a solvent of cholesterol, d-limonene has been used clinically to help dissolve cholesterol-containing gallstones.


Eucalyptus oil

This is the third of three carrier oils we use. It's main job is to carry our active ingredients into the skin, HOWEVER it has its own host of benefits.  One of the largest being its ability to soothe inflammation which is commonly associated with pain.

Olive Oil

Essential nutrients

Olive Oil is rich in minerals and vitamins and is considered
an essential for skin health More importantly, it serves as a carrier oil,
carrying essential nutrients into the skin. Plus, olive oil is an antioxidant, which means that it helps nourish the skin and fight toxins.


All-natural menthol

Menthol has a natural cooling effect on the skin, helping your skin feel more elastic and smoother. It temporarily increases circulation, allowing for better skin absorption crucial for delivering nutrients into the skin. It also tightens the skin.

Pain Management Areas








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What makes JointEAZE so powerful?

Plantars fasciitis-The anti inflammatory effects of JOINTEAZE may provide great relief for people suffering from plantars fasciitis by stimulating circulation in the feet and giving off a cooling sensation. 

Occasional  joint pain- Each of the ingredients in JOINTEAZE help manage joint health by boosting circulation, relaxing muscles, giving a cooling sensation, and triggering anti-inflamatory effects.

Sore muscles-. The peppermint oil in JOINTEAZE acts as a muscle relaxant which loosens up tight muscles and helps manage inflammation.

Sprains and strains- The camphor in JOINTEAZE has been proven to increase circulation which in turn will help speed up the recovery of sprains and strains. The menthol in the peppermint oil that JOINTEAZE contains may also help increase circulation as well as give off a cooling effect. 

Itching and burning- The beeswax in JOINTEAZE acts as a humectant to hold in moisture. This will help moisturize dry or burnt areas to help them heal faster. The cooling effect from the menthol and eucalyptus will also give great relief to burns.

Poor circulation-The camphor and peppermint oil in JOINTEAZE have been proven to help increase circulation wherever it is applied.

Products Information

Curcumin (95%) from India is the PUREST in the world

Camphor (9%) It has also been studied for its ability to soothe inflammation,

Peppermint oil ( 5%) (Menthol)

Eucalyptus Oil(5%) soothes inflammation which is commonly associated with pain.  Overall, it can help promote relief while delivering naturally extracted curcuminoids.

Olive Oil- rich in minerals and vitamins and is considered an essential for skin health 

Beeswax: Beeswax is the carrier cream. It has been shown to promote healthy circulation in the skin, fight toxins and help fight inflammation. 

D-limonene- derived from citrus fruits

The FDA registered manufacturing facility (American Labs)  is in Atlanta GA and handles sourcing of raw material, manufacturing, certifying all nutrients for potency and safety, to ensure - absolute quality and freshness.


American Labs also developed a leading edge, proprietary extraction method called ethyl extraction.


This process innovation is proprietary and exclusive 

and allows us to extract fragile active ingredients such as curcumin into a potent liquid.

This process yields a liquid which mixes ideally well with the other ingredients.


American Labs also uses ethyl alcohol as a solvent which allows for better skin absorption.

Here is How The Ingredients All Work Together...


Step 1: Firstly, the beeswax creates a consistency that can be easily spread and absorb while holding the carrier oils.


Step 2:  Menthol goes to work soothing and cooling your skin (which feels great) while very temporarily lowering your skin defenses, allowing more active ingredient to absorb. 


Step 3: Finally, the highly permeable carrier oils Camphor Oil and Eucalyptus Oil help the active ingredients to absorb better into the skin.


As you see now, this is more than JUST a blend, it is a full carrier system designed to maximum skin absorption.


It should be noted that all of the above ingredients are powerful in their own right.


They each, individually have their own documented health benefits, some of which I displayed above.


Combined, they do an unbelievable job of soothing the skin and ensuring any active ingredient we add is quickly absorbed to support your fight again pain and promote joint health

Highly Absorbable JointEASE For Pain, Inflamation, Swelling and Injury...

15,000 mg of Curcumin Per 30 Day Roller

Highly Absorbable 

NO Taste Concern

​100% American Made, On Demand

​Apply in Seconds, Absorbs Fast

​ZERO Added Chemicals

100% Natural Ingredients and NO Preservatives


 The localized effect of topical application makes it a more popular method than swallowing pills.


 These creams deliver their ingredients directly to inflamed tissue instead of passing through the stomach.


They may be much more effective than oral medication for supporting painful joints that are just below the skin’s surface, especially the knees and elbows.


Topical cream is also a common alternative to pills for inflamed tendons, sprained ligaments and compression neuropathy, a condition in which pressure is applied directly to a nerve.


The advantage of Roll-On Curcumin is that all you do is uncap it and roll it on the desired location. 


Then start feeling the effects immediately- no waiting time.


You NEVER have to touch it. It is not messy and can be carried with you all the time


This brand new innovation for applying liquid Curcumin solves the bioavailability and absorption problem.


NOW you get the potent effects of liquid curcumin with an effective Roll-ON

Plus, since it is promotes natural anti inflammation, you can also "spot roll" problematic areas that need relief of minor aches and pains. 


Overall, I recommend keeping it near the shower and using it in the morning when you clean up for the day. 


Plus it is portable... you can use it whenever the time is right.


You even get the added bonus of an incredible feel and smell, leaving your skin feeling amazing and invigorated.

JointEAZE’s medicinal properties and components (primarily curcumin) have been the subject of over 5600 peer-reviewed and published biomedical studies. 


According to, a  five-year long research project on this sacred plant has revealed over 600 potential preventive and therapeutic applications, as well as 175 distinct beneficial physiological effects. 


Please see the below study on Curcumin and its effectiveness compared to traditional therapies.


The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine compared CURCUMIN to the exceedingly popular pharmaceutical painkiller ibuprofen

Beats Ibuprofen 91.1% to 80.4% 

An exciting new clinical trial published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has revealed that a natural alternative to the exceedingly popular pharmaceutical painkiller ibuprofen exists for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (OA).


Titled, "Efficacy and Safety of Curcuma domestica Extracts in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis,"[i] the multi-center trial was conducted with 109 patients with primary knee osteoarthritis who were randomized to receive either ibuprofen 800 mg day ibuprofen (55 patients) or 2,000 mg turmeric (Curcuma domestica) per day (52 patients), for 6 weeks. The ibuprofen was divided into 2 doses of 400mg daily, and the turmeric into 4 doses of 500 mg daily.


The researchers measured pain on level walking, pain on stairs, and functions of knee assessed by time spent during 100 meter walk and going up and down a flight of stairs, as the primary outcomes.


After six weeks, significant improvements were observed in both groups, with all primary outcomes similar, except the turmeric group showed slightly better performance on the 100-Meter walk and less self-reported pain going up and down a flight of stairs. 

The turmeric group showed less adverse events and rated themselves to have higher satisfaction with the treatment results in the turmeric group (91.1%) versus the ibuprofen group (80.4%).


While the researchers acknowledged the limitations of their study – no double-blind protocol, the need for a higher dose in the placebo group, and the need for a larger patient sample size – they concluded that "Curcumin domestica extracts seem to be efficacious and safe for the treatment of knee OA similarly to ibuprofen."


They also pointed out that while some patients in the ibuprofen group rated themselves as having little satisfaction or no satisfaction (10.9% and 2.2%, respectively), not a single patient in the turmeric group reported being unsatisfied.

People who should not take curcumin include people with gallbladder problems, bleeding disorders, diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), infertility, iron deficiency, liver disease, hormone-sensitive conditions and arrhythmia. Pregnant women and those who are going to undergo surgery should not use curcumin

Some people could experience mild side effects like stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea. These side effects are more common at higher doses.

Since turmeric can lower blood pressure, it may have additive effects with antihypertensive drugs.  Turmeric can aid digestion by increasing stomach acid levels, which may inhibit the effectiveness of antacids 

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