SOLEZ Far Infrared Shoe Inserts

Boost Circulation to Fight Foot, Leg and Knee Discomfort

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Now Get the Benefits of Far Infrared Technology 24/7

Far Infrared technology helps promote muscle recovery… boosts oxygen to muscles.... enhances blood circulation....boosts energy and muscle endurance...promotes flexibility and balance.
Once applied, it  provides wave after wave of Non Thermal FAR Infrared to your feet.
Each wave goes to work promoting healthy circulation and natural relief. 
Many feel a tingle within seconds. 
As each minute passes more and more FAR Infrared is absorbed,  
It is designed to boost your circulation and leave your feet feeling great and healthy.

Far Infrared Technology

Universal Fit

Proprietary Minerals

Silicon Insert

24/7 Circulation

Pain Management Areas







How it works

Far-infrared technology A proprietary blend of minerals known to emit Far Infrared rays is embedded in a silicon shoe insert. SOLEZ uses the heat on the bottom of your feet to help the minerals boost far infrared activity and circulation.

Far-Infrared Rays are invisible waves of energy that you cannot see. They seep into the skin’s surface where they slowly raise the body’s surface temperature to 107.6F, or 42C and above. This activates the body’s systems and functions in a positive way.

Fight Foot Pain Your feet are comprised of bones, ligaments, tendons as well as over 250,000 nerve endings. The causes of foot pain can range from injury and inflammation to structural issues and maladaptations. Not all foot pain is serious, but you should never ignore any aches.

Releases nitric oxide Nitric oxide is produced by nearly every type of cell in the human body and is one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health. It's a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen. Far Infrared is known to emit nitric oxide that gently expands your blood vessels thereby enhancing your circulation.

Negative Ions The minerals in the silicon patch emit negative ions known for clearing the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses as well as supporting balance, strength and flexibility.

Negative ions are also believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.



Take the SOLEZ out of the Package

Apply the 2 sided tape to the back of the Solez Insert


Tape your SOLEZ to the inside of your shoe.

Position the SOLEZ in your shoe so the SOLEZ connects with the bottom of your feet


Put Your Shoe On and Enjoy!

You start to get the benefits of Far Infrared rays immediately.


Balance and Flexibility

Feel the difference


Feel a boost

in circulation to fight aches and pains

What People are Saying About SoleZ Far Infrared Shoe Inserts

”Pain in my feet, pain in my legs, it’s been really hard to take my dogs for a walk. Until I found SOLEZ, they've helped a lot!”

”I work retail and spending so much time on my feet really takes a toll. SOLEZ helped me feel relief in 15 minutes!”

”Ive been using these SOLEZ inserts in my shoes, and they’re really wonderful. They've helped a lot with the swelling and numbness in my legs and feet”

“I was skeptical at first, but I am so glad I decided to try out SOLEZ! They have been amazing for my cramped feet while I am standing at work.”

“They provide relief in just 15 minutes of use!”

“I have never seen anything like this before. It really is something totally new and different.”

“It’s affordable, it's effective, plus it works 24/7!”

“If you need circulation support to help fight aching, tingling, swelling, you might wanna give this a try”

“It’s incredible that something so small can help so much to

relieve your foot pain”

“My experience with it so far is very positive, I do feel a difference”

Products Information

The Solez silicon pad contains tourmaline ceramic discs plus a proprietary blend of far infrared emitting minerals. When these minerals are heated, they help radiate infrared rays into the bottom of your feet that contain over 250,000 nerve endings. 

Studies show that far-infrared heat causes blood vessels to expand to support your connective tissue to maintain flexibility, greater joint movement and a boost in endorphins, which can help ease pain. 

These minerals also give of negative ions...

Negative ions are beneficial to the human body in four major ways:

Reprinted from "Economy Daily News" - January 30, 2002

.Strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves

.Reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related)

.Improves the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma membranes (improves metabolism)

.Strengthens the body's immune system

Soles far-infrared shoe inserts can be worn in any shoe all of the time. 

There is no need to take them out of your shoe at anytime! You can use the 2 sided tape to keep them in place or simply place them in your shoe so the bottom of your foot comes into contact with them. They work best if you do NOT wear socks.

The far-infrared rays that the inserts give off will work 24/7.

We recommend getting multiple pairs for all your shoes so that you can get maximum far-infrared benefits every single day.

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