At ZENSE, we believe that living pain free is a human right no matter if you are an athlete, senior, military veteren, or first responder. ZENSE gives you the tools and technology that promotes longevity and happiness. We provide pain relief from head to toe covering all zones including shoulders, back, neck, hips, glutes, legs, hands, and feet. 

Our devices will help you relieve the pain that is burdening your life and get you back to doing the things that you love. Whether you are recovering from an injury or managing pain associated with aging, we have a solution that works.

We want you to be able to enjoy simple everyday tasks like playing with your kids or grandkids, running, climbing stairs, working in your garden or playing golf and tennis without pain. Not only do we give your body the tools it needs to relieve symptoms, but also to fight off the aging process and even boost performance. Our original physiotherapy videos help you to correct your posture and strengthen weakened body parts that may be the source of your pain. Our super-innovative solutions make it easy to live your best life, no matter what life throws your way.