How TENS/EMS can enhance your muscles performance

Using TENS/EMS therapy during a workout can greatly enhance your results by providing additional muscle contractions and stimulations to your muscles.

You may have seen serious workout enthusiast in the gym lately using TENS/EMS to enhance their workouts. It is the rage in gyms across America

To use TENS/EMS therapy most effectively during a workout, place the pads on the specific muscles being trained. This will add extra pulses to your body's natural contractions and make the workout even more effective. 

This means that you can achieve the results of a longer workout in a shorter amount of time if you use TENS/EMS on your muscles. 

By using it, you tire out your muscles faster, make them work harder, and accelerate growth/strengthening.  

TENS/EMS therapy when used during a workout also has the advantage of pushing your muscles past your mental limit! 

Even though you may feel mentally defeated during the end of a session, the TENS/EMS device you’re using will keep doing its job and keep working your muscles no matter how tired they are. 

Note: Using a TENS/EMS device on your muscles does not make them grow unless you incorporate it with activity. However, combining them with an actual workout or activity the right way will greatly enhance your results.