How TENS/EMS can help improve range of motion and flexibility.

Using TENS/EMS helps to loosen up tight muscles  and increase your body's range of motion. It can also help enhance and improve flexibility while you are doing static stretching. 

TENS/EMS units improve your range of motion by releasing muscle knots and tight muscles. It does this by confusing the pain signals that go to the brain when you have a knot or tightness so that they can naturally release. 

When muscles are sore after a workout, or in pain after an injury, something called “muscle guarding” happens. What this does is tighten up the muscles where the soreness or injury are in order to protect that area. 

Using TENS/EMS can switch off this “muscle guarding” response and release endorphins into the body which naturally reduce pain. 

Now your tight muscles, knots, or injury can relax and blood can flow freely into them. Doing so will greatly improve your range of motion. 

TENS/EMS can also enhance stretching performance when used during static stretching.

Flexibility is incredibly important for reducing risk of injury and having optimal performance in any activity of workout that you are doing. 

Without flexibility, your muscles shorten up, tighten up, and become weaker. This is why every top athlete has a stretching regimen in their daily life. 

Static stretching is different from other forms of stretching in that its purpose is to improve overall flexibility and range of motion while also elongating the muscles and releasing tension after a workout or activity. 

Using TENS/EMS therapy while doing static stretching will greatly improve its benefits and the rate at which you get the results you want. 

Studies done by the US National Library of Medicine and the KPT Journal have proven that when comparing static stretching with and without TENS/EMS therapy, the sessions done with TENS/EMS therapy were much more beneficial.  

They found that the combined use of TENS/EMS therapy while you are doing static stretching leads to a significant increase in your range of motion and SLR (straight leg raise).

It also leads to an enhanced decrease in muscle stiffness and an increase in your pressure pain threshold. 

This tells us that if you are not using a TENS/EMS device while doing static stretching, then you are missing out on greatly improved benefits in a shorter amount of time!