How TENS/EMS can Increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and relieve inflammation/pain.

TENS/EMS therapy has been proven to increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and reduce inflammation/pain. It does this in a variety of ways. 

For blood flow, the regular use of a TENS/EMS device will help condition your muscles and increase the amount of blood that can enter the vascular system. 

This means that your blood vessels will be able to deliver more blood filled with oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. 

TENS/EMS achieves this by continually contracting and relaxing your muscles, giving you the same blood flow benefits as a deep tissue massage or cardio session.

It also helps to reduce  inflammation and swelling.

Our advice is to start using a TEN/EMS to naturally reduce inflammation and swelling over time. Prescription drugs should be a last resort because many prescriptions induce swelling and inflammation as well and could make the problem worse.

3 Ways TENS/EMS Promotes an  increase in blood flow, reduces swelling, and relieves inflammation/pain.

  1. Promotes your brain to release endorphins. Using TENS/EMS therapy activates your brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are basically our own body’s natural pain killer, but they also do much more. They decrease stress, anxiety, and depression, and also tell the body that it can start the healing process more effectively. 

  2. TENS/EMS therapy can actually retrain your nerves - Studies indicate that using TENS/EMS therapy can actually retrain your nerves so that they no longer send debilitating pain signals to the brain. This can help people with relentless chronic inflammation over a long period. 

  3. TENS/EMS therapy has little to no side effects- this therapy can be used anytime anywhere 24/7. Whenever you are feeling inflamed, you can use a TENS/EMS device right away to start counteracting the problem and promote healing. 

Recommendations for use:

For blood flow and inflammation, we recommend that you use a lower frequency setting on your TENS/EMS device. The lower frequency setting is best because it relaxes the muscles and tissues, opening blood vessels.