How TENS/EMS can treat muscle soreness and stiffness

Using TENS/EMS therapy has been proven to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness because of the many benefits it provides. 

TENS/EMS therapy will help stimulate the muscles and provide a deep massage that releases tension and reduces soreness. 

When you have a hard workout and your muscles are fatigued during  exercise, you usually feel sore 24-72 hours after. This is called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and it is a great thing to feel!

Having DOMS means that you’ve really challenged yourself and gone through a difficult workout to improve your fitness. It is only normal to feel soreness the day after exercising. 

When you do a strenuous exercise that your body isn’t used to, it causes the muscles to stretch and tear in microscopic amounts. The muscles become damaged yes… but it is a good kind of damage. 

Once damaged, muscle inflammation occurs and your body starts to repair itself. The end result is called hypertrophy, which is the process that repairs and increases the size of your muscles.

This process however can take some considerable amount of time depending on how hard the muscles were worked.

TENS/EMS can speed up the process for you. 

TENS/EMS when used on sore and stiff muscles will increase the blood flow plus contract and release muscles in order to relax them. 

TENS/EMS  helps you diminish your soreness faster, let your muscles relax faster, and reduce the time it takes to safely start the hypertrophy process over again! 

Note: Working out a muscle that is still sore is dangerous and can easily lead to injury. So workout in moderation and incorporate TENS/EMS into the workout.