Who are we?

Hello, my name is Jack Riess and I am the founder of ZENSE. I started this company because of my deep passion and history with pain relief. Pain in all forms has plagued my family and I for many years, which led me on  the search to find true relief. 

After going to many doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and after using all of the pain relief devices on the market, I could never find anything that truly worked. 

That’s when I started doing a lot of research, became a certified personal trainer, and talked to many experts about how to relieve joint, muscle, and bone pain the most effectively. 

With everything I know now, I started a brand that aims to relieve pain in any form for the long-run, and not as just a quick fix. 

Our goal  is to help 100,000 people this year to become pain-free. 

We help to reduce pain symptoms with our revolutionary pain reduction devices as well as videos that will help you to strengthen your muscles and correct your posture for lasting results.