Z-PAD Advanced 3.0 Touchscreen TENS/EMS/Massage Device

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One of the most effective pain relief technologies that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Z-PAD ADVANCED 3.0 gives a deep stimulation massage which increases blood circulation, relieves tight muscles, and helps speed up recovery time from workouts or injuries.

This powerful TENS & EMS unit has 24 modes and 20 intensity levels making sure that you find the right treatment that works for your specific pain.



24 Modes

20 Intensity

180 Minute Total
Battery Life

LCD Screen


TENS & EMS technology built to deliver the perfect tratment for yout individual needs

Increases circulation

Blocks pain signals

Speeds up recovery

Releases endorphins

Improves Mobility

Reduces Inflammation

Improves Sleep

Increases Flexibility

What People are Saying About Z-Pad Advanced 3.0

Client Name

“I've used a couple other TENS/EMS device similar to this one, and this is by far the best.”

Mara F.

“I absolutely love the Z-PAD. It helps to manage the pain that I have, and if I workout too hard and strain something i'm really glad I have this device.”

“I have been using this TENS/EMS device for a while now and its really really top quality. It’s really helped me a lot.”

“I suffer from pain in my neck and across my shoulder blades and feet. I’ve tried lots of different things. I came across the Z-PAD and decided to give it a try. It’s amazing how many things it can help with.”

“Ive been using this TENS & EMS device for a while now, and I can tell you it’s the top quality on the market.”

“I can put it in my pocket and take it anywhere, it’s so awesome. I highly recommend it.”

“Overall it’s really easy to use, it’s really effective, and it’s so portable as well it can just fit right in your pocket.”

“Z-PAD Advanced 3.0 is definitely a keeper. Just wow.”

“Oh my god, this is amazing! I can really feel it working. The pain in my knee is definitely much less severe.”

“Recovering from an injury when you're older can take months, even years. Z-PAD Advanced 3.0 helps me recover faster and get the blessed relief I need.”

The modes that personalize your treatment and give you your correct frequency.

  • 1Tapping
  • 2Scraping
  • 3Bodybuilding
  • 4Knocking
  • 1Striking
  • 2Reflexology
  • 3Tai-chi
  • 4Nudge
  • 1Acupuncture
  • 2Foot Therapy
  • 3Trigger Paint
  • 4Lomis - Lomit
  • 1Kneeling
  • 2Butterfly
  • 3Shetsun-Deep
  • 4Stretching
  • 1Rubbing
  • 2Assorted
  • 3Stepping
  • 4Ainto
  • 1Cupping
  • 2Sports
  • 3Swedish
  • 4Thai

What is Included

  • Portable Hard Cover Travel Case
  • 1 Z-PRO Main Device Bluetooth Unit
  • 2 Regular Z-PRO Pads
  • 1 Large Z-PRO Pad
  • 1 USB Charger and Adapter
  • 1 Product and Safety Manual
  • 1 Chart For Acupuncture Areas

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