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Z-PRO brings you the powerful technologies of TENS & EMS and MASSAGE all in one wireless device. Simply turn on your Bluetooth on your phone and download the Zense Zone App. It is your natural solution for muscle discomfort, joint aches and pains, and nerve pain. Not only does it help you recover from a workout but it helps your body to recover from minor aches and pains associated with aging, injury or surgery. 


Touchscreen Functionality

21 modes Custom

20 Intensity

180 Minute Total Battery Life

LCD Screen

Bluetooth Technology

TENS, EMS and MASSAGE Technology delivers the perfect treatment for your individual needs

Boost Circulation

Ease Muscle Discomfort

Reduce Swelling

Recover Quickly

Boost Flexibility

Reduce Injury

What people are saying about Z Pro

Alex M.

“Z-PRO has been an incredible find for my shoulder pain”

Jane B.

“I love this. No more pills or creams for this girl! The Z-PRO is all i need for handling my muscle aches and pains.”

Misty D.

“This is a game changer. If you're having muscle or joint pain this is definitely my solution.”

Sally B.

“I use Z-Pro  anywhere, anytime. I even put it in my purse when I go shopping just in case I start suffering from pain and stiffness. The app was really easy to use, even for me!”

Joyce M.

“I tried pillows, I tried drugs, I’ve tried creams, and nothing seems to help. I decided to try the Z-PRO muscle stimulator and

Mara F.

“I decided to try the Z-PRO because I was having so much pain in my knee and shoulder from playing tennis. This was a total game-changer.”

Gary H.

“I’ve had great relief from it. My circulation is better, and according to the science I have read, it actually blocks pain signals to the brain which is just great.”

Steve H.

“I use it for muscle recovery after a hard workout, and to ease muscle soreness and fatigue.”

Ralph G.

“I’m a musician and I’ve recently started to get carpal tunnel syndrome. When I’m drumming and my wrist starts to hurt, I whip out the Z-PRO and it stimulates my circulation to help ease  the pain!

Christi C.

“If you suffer from aches and pains occasionally, I can certainly see how having this device would be beneficial.”

Arlette M.

“I must say this device is totally awesome. It’s easy to use, has great power and intensity, and it certainly works.”

Marc H.

“It has 21 modes and 20 intensity levels making sure you can adjust it  for any area of your body.”

Choose from 7 TENS, 7 EMS or 7 MASSAGE functions to customize your treatment.

How it works:

1, Download the Zense Zone App on Google Play or IOS Apple

2, Enable Bluetooth on your phone

3, Choose your desired mode

4, Push Play

5, Adjust the intensity by continually pushing the + sign

What is Included

1 Z-PRO main device bluetooth unit

2 regular Z-PRO pads

1 large Z-PRO pad

1 USB charger cable and adapter

1 hard cover travel case

1 product and safer information manual

1 chart for acupuncture areas

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